Warrior Team

Entire Team Donated Their Time and Talent to the Heart of the Warrior Project


Camile Grace (Photographer)

Dominick Ricciardi (Technical Assistant)

Diane Martinez (Photographer's Assistant)


Hair & Makeup

AnnMarie Lorenz (Makeup)

Emily Attridge (Hair)

Regina Pasqualino (Hair)

Dorothy Rojas (Warrior Makeup)

Theresa Brennan (Hair/Makeup Manager)

Sally Biondo, (Makeup)

Jillian Kristine (Hair & Makeup)

Sia Kosmakis (Makeup) (Metamorphosis)

Katelyn Alisabeth (Makeup) (Metamorphosis)

Lisa Mongiello:                                                                               Follow her amazing blog about her battle with Breast Cancer:  

Lucy Arnone

Meditation Guides

Georgia Berny

Lisa Rostoker Muchnik

Event Documentary

Christine Fitzgerald (Videographer)

Thomas Piderit (Editor)